Kings Farm Friends Society

The Friends group is a group of parents and practitioners who meet two or three times a year, we get together to organise fetes, discuss policies, nursery events and improvements. If you would be interested in joining the friends please let your key worker know. We would love to see you!

Charitable Purpose

To support the parents and to advance the education and development of pupils attending Kings Farm Nursery and Kids Club by providing and assisting in the provision of the educational setting.

Charitable Activities

Friends Society activity and fundraising allow Kings Farm Nursery and Kids Club to provide additional activities to all pupils. Fundraising enables purchase of new equipment in order to enhance development and learning whilst supporting Kings Farm to avoid fee increases to cover new equipment purchases. Fundraising will allow for external activities such as field trips, children's outings such as pantomines or zoo and childrens events such as christmas party and annual childrens events.


Kings Farm Friends Society is an entirely separate entity with separate accounting protocol. The Friends Society adheres to the Small Charity Constitutional requirements for annual reporting, annual general meetinga and the trusteeship trustees are governed by the SCC. 2 trustees are from Kings Farm Nursery and Kids Club and 3 trustees are from outside of the nursery and kids club. Accounts and annual reports are held by an independent treasurer and will be released to all stakeholders including an update to all parents on how funds have been spent on an annual and interim basis.