Settling In

This is our guide answering questions and worries asked by most Parent/Carers.

How many visits can we have?

As many as you need: we believe that if you don’t feel confident and reassured, then neither will your child. If it is the first time you have been separated from your child we understand that it can be a traumatic and anxious time for both of you.

I've never left him before what will happen if he doesn’t settle?

We may suggest starting off in a younger or quieter room, as the ratios are higher and may be able to offer a smoother transition, we would talk this through with you first.
It is better if your child walks in (if they can) rather than be carried, we have found that this shows confidence and makes it easier for practitioners to engage with your child. We will always telephone you if your child is distressed.

My child has had an accident.

You will be contacted if we feel the accident is serious and whether you will need to go to hospital. After any accident, an accident form will be completed and you will be required to sign it after it has been explained to you.
You can request a photocopy of the form if you wish. If the accident involves your child’s head you will be given a head injury check list which gives you sign and symtoms to look for in case of concussion and compression injuries.

How long can I stay?

This again depends on the individual, but as a rough guide, the table below suggests at least 5 sessions. This can be lengthened and shortened as needed.

  • Stage 1 > Getting to know Key Practitioner.
  • Stage 2 > Beginning to withdraw.
  • Stage 3 > In and out of sight.
  • Stage 4 > Goodbye and back again.
  • Stage 5 > Separation for a short time.

Can I ring at any time?

We welcome a parent to ring as often as they want to, this creates a good working relationship.

What if my child is too upset to leave?

We will encourage you to stay for a limited agreed time and then ask you to request a practitioner to collect your child from you, you will be encouraged to say goodbye and that you willcome back after lunch, snack etc. You should then leave the room confidently and quickly, practitioners will then attempt to engage your child in play.
You may if you wish retreat to the manager’s office to recover. We would continue to discuss strategies with you until you feel confident in leaving your child.

My child/I haven’t gelled with our Key Practitioner?

We encourage your child to naturally choose a Key Practitioner to encourage a good relationship. If it is you yourself who is not gelling with the Practitioner then we will explore why this is and try to resolve the issues. If it is the child that is not gelling then again this would be resolved straight away, we strive for you and your child to be happy, but if you do not talk to us we can’t fix it!
Open relationships are paramount!

What does a Key Practitioner do?

  • They will build a relationship with you and your child that will be continuous.
  • They will support both of you through the settling in period, report any concerns and celebrate success on your return.
  • They spend quality time during meals with your child.
  • Carry out activities.
  • They are your first port of call for information about the day.

Should I bring a toy/blanket for comfort?

The answer is YES try to make it small enough to fit in one hand; this leaves one hand available to play!
But it doesn’t really matter, as your child becomes more confident they will rely on it less and less, but if it’s smells of home and it reassures your child then that’s great!

My child begins to cry when we approach the turning to nursery – What should I do?

Don’t talk about the setting on the days you do not attend or the night before, this can encourage your child to become anxious without you realising. Just before leaving home you could keep explanations short and brief “ Oh it’s off to nursery now, Mummy will come and get you after…” Then do not keep repeating, this shows that you are confident and happy. Do not try and ask your child why they don’t like it, they don’t really have the words or thoughts to describe this, all they know is that Mummy leaves and this is what makes them anxious at the beginning.

What will happen if my child becomes ill?

We would monitor your child, complete an illness form and enter our actions. If we felt that your child requires pain relief we would always phone you for permission. You would have already completed this on your registration form, but we feel that it keeps you informed of how your child is and then you can think about securing a doctors appointment if required. You may be required to collect your child if he/she remains unwell. The best place for a poorly child is at home. If your child is sick or has diarrhoea you will be asked to collect him/her immediately and not return until 48 hours AFTER the last bout. Please see government poster in main entrance for all illness restrictions.